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Karley Sciortino has been covering sex and relationships for years, a niche she carved out for herself when she started her blog Slutever back in 2007. She’s gone on to write Vogue’s sex column and serve as VICE’s resident sexpert, exploring kinks, polygamy, bondage, and beyond on her very own show, SLUTEVER.

Slutever S02E08 Strippers

Strippers Episode description: With strip club culture entering the mainstream, Karley spends time with multiple erotic dancers and their fans to find out: are…

Slutever S02E07 Sugar Babies

Sugar Babies Episode description: Karley investigates the growing phenomenon of sugar daddy websites and meets college sugar babies who are monetizing their relationships. Download…

Slutever S02E05 Gray Area

Gray Area Episode description: Karley’s recent sex dreams about her gurl crush, Mistress Amanda Whip, cause her to ponder, “In sex, does everything have…

Slutever S02E04 V-Cards

V-Cards Episode description: Karley is frequently asked by readers of her blog about when, how, and with whom they should lose their virginity. But…

Slutever S02E01 Love Is Pain

Love Is Pain Episode description: In this episode of VICE’s ‘Slutever,’ sex blogger Karley Sciortino asks herself, “How do I beat up my boyfriend…