Category Guilt

When brothers Max and Jake unwittingly run over and kill an old man, their attempts to cover it up trigger consequences neither of them could ever have imagined.

Guilt S01E04 Episode 4

Episode 4 Episode description: Max and Angie have their own separate suspicions about Sheila’s real involvement on the night of Walter’s death. Download episode…

Guilt S01E03 Episode 3

Episode 3 Episode description: Angie and Jake’s burgeoning but complex relationship has hit a problem. Jake has a few suspicions about her, but she…

Guilt S01E02 Episode 2

Episode 2 Episode description: Max does his best to take control, while Jake finds himself falling in love with Angie, the dead man’s niece.…

Guilt S01E01 Episode 1

Episode 1 Episode description: In a residential street in Edinburgh, two disparate brothers, high flying lawyer Max and Jake a record shop owner accidentally…