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A married woman suddenly begins to reassess her life and her marriage, and finds that initiating a divorce with her stunned husband is harder than she thought.

Divorce S03E06 Knock Knock

Knock Knock Episode description: As each of their relationships reach a moment of truth, Frances and Robert face the realities of post-divorce life. Download…

Divorce S03E05 Away Games

Away Games Episode description: Robert and Frances are thrown together for a weekend as they chaperone Lila’s away-game. Download episode 3 of season 5…

Divorce S03E04 Bad Manners

Bad Manners Episode description: When Frances and Henry share a meal with Robert and Jackie, things go from bad to worse and both relationships…

Divorce S03E03 Gaps & Bunches

Gaps & Bunches Episode description: Frances and Robert disagree on how to handle Tom’s college application process. Robert’s sister Cathy creates tension between Robert,…

Divorce S03E02 Miami

Miami Episode description: Robert admits to pre-wedding jitters as Frances prepares for a weekend getaway with Henry. Download episode 3 of season 2 Divorce…

Divorce S03E01 Charred

Charred Episode description: Frances and Robert discover that their new lives are more complicated than anticipated. Download episode 3 of season 1 Divorce is…