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A genius programmer’s mysterious disappearance leads to the reunion of old friends and the discovery that the strange stories she left behind may point to an impending technological crisis.

Dark-Web S01E06 Chapter Six

Chapter Six Episode description: Months before she disappeared, Molly Solis found herself searching for purpose: stifled by a lucrative, but unfulfilled, day job and…

Dark-Web S01E04 Chapter Four

Chapter Four Episode description: The gang finally unites in Texas as the circumstances surrounding their missing friend become more urgent. An old friend of…

Dark-Web S01E03 Chapter Three

Chapter Three Episode description: James, another former classmate, finds himself next on Molly’s “hit list” when he receives an e-mail promising a grim escape…

Dark-Web S01E01 Chapter One

Chapter One Episode description: Ethan, recently fired and newly single, receives an ominous e-mail from a long forgotten high-school friend, Molly. Contained in it:…