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After following his intended target to an acting class, a hitman finds himself intrigued and decides to become an actor and change his life.

Barry S02E08 berkman > block

berkman > block Episode description: Barry is out for vengeance. Noho Hank faces the looming threat of being sent home. Sally makes a split-second…

Barry S02E07 The Audition

The Audition Episode description: Barry prepares for his first audition under Gene’s guidance. Sally takes a stand in a meeting with a major TV…

Barry S02E05 ronny/lily

ronny/lily Episode description: An encounter that Barry never could have predicted has surprising effects. Download episode 2 of season 5 Barry is a comedy,…

Barry S02E04 What?!

What?! Episode description: Barry’s patience is put to the test when a figure from Sally’s past arrives in LA. Gene gets a pleasant surprise…